Financial Assistance

No child should miss a camp experience because of money.  That’s why we offer assistance to those whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending camp.  Our goal is that every kid would be able to experience at least 1 week of camp, so we offer 15%-55% discount on one camp per child.
Families or individuals who require assistance pay what they can afford based a ratio of their total household income and number of children. This amount is determined in the application process based on a sliding scale.
You will be asked to provide one or more of the following items for each person in your household:
  1. Taxable income based on prior year’s Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada or prior year’s Income Tax Return
  2. In the case of those who do not file Tax Returns, please attach the last three pay stubs for those in the household earning income
Once your application is reviewed and approved, we ask that you provide payment as agreed to during the application process.
Lets work together so that every child has a chance to have a great camp experience, no matter what their income is!