Financial Assistance

No child should miss a camp experience because of money.  That’s why we offer assistance to help every kid  be able to experience at least 1 week of camp.
1) Contact us and provide proof of income from your most recent tax year available (2019 or 2018).
  •      Your most recent notice of assessment is ideal.  If you are planning to email it, please black out any confidential info like your SIN#.
  •      In the case of those who do not file Tax Returns, please attach the last three pay stubs for all those in the household earning income.
2) Once your application is reviewed and approved by our staff based on our income to child formula, we will give you a link to register with a discounted rate.   To start your application, contact us at
Lets work together so that every child has a chance to have a great camp experience, no matter what their income is!