2019 Camps

All camps include rock-climbing, group games, sports, healthy snacks, and positive character teaching.  Each week of camp will be a unique experience so that a child could attend all 8 camps if they choose


July 8-12 Young Scientist Camp

At camp, science is always fun!   Kids will make cool chemical reactions, use physics, dissect a brain and have many more science adventures.  There will also be parallels drawn between science and positive character lessons to help kids become successful adults.

July 15-19 Sports Camp                   SOLD OUT

This camp will feature skills training in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey.  Skill building drills as well as friendly games will help kids stay fit, make new friends and develop a life long love for sport.   Special guests will help coach kids at an age appropriate level.

July 22-26 Cooking Camp*

Your child will become a junior chef as they learn to cook healthy and delicious vegetarian meals.   Kids will be making their own lunch each day!   We have a whole team of guest instructors to safely inspire your children in the kitchen.  *$50 extra to cover the costs of extra supplies and a team of instructors.  However,  this is the only camp to include free lunch.

July 29-Aug 2 Marine Biology Camp

Dive deep into the oceans with the mysterious angler fish or skim over the surface with flying fish.  Your kids will be amazed at the incredible diversity and beauty of life in the Ocean!  Special interactive sessions with live animals in cooperation with the Vancouver Aquarium will give the kids an unforgettable learning experience!

Aug 6-9 Art Camp*

Our most requested camp this summer. Art Camp will include instruction by professional painters.  Kids will learn to paint landscapes and learn various techniques and styles of art.   *$50 extra cost to pay for professional art instruction and art supplies

Aug 12-16 Space Explorers Camp

As Space X is finally building a space ship to colonize Mars, this summer is an excellent time to help your kids fall in love with the Universe!  Your child will learn about Astronomy, Space Travel and how to colonize other planets.  And yes, there will science as well as science fiction (For fun!).  

Aug 19-23 Music Creations Camp*

We have the entire Springman Family at Music Camp to help your child fall in love with music!  These professional musicians will help your child write a song and then perform it with a band!  They can learn ukulele, electric guitar, or the drums from professional instructors! *$50 extra cost to pay for professional music instruction  www.perryspringman.com 

Aug 26-29 Woodworking Camp

Kids will learn how to make incredible inventions from wood.   Our guest Tom Glatts has been working with wood for over 30 years including 3 years as a professional cabinet maker.  Tom can’t wait to help your child discover a passion for wood work
*We reserve the right to make adjustments to camp programing and schedules as needed.