2020 Potential Camps*

All camps include rock-climbing, group games, sports, healthy snacks, and positive character teaching.  Each week of camp will be a unique experience so that a child could attend all 6 camps if they choose

July 13-18 Sports Camp

This camp will feature skills training in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey.  Skill building drills as well as friendly games will help kids stay fit, make new friends and develop a life long love for sport.   Special guests will help coach kids at an age appropriate level


July 20-25 Young Scientist Camp

At camp, science is always fun!   Kids will make cool chemical reactions, use physics, dissect a brain and have many more science adventures.  There will also be parallels drawn between science and positive character lessons to help kids become successful adults.

July 27-31 Cooking Camp*

Your child will become a junior chef as they learn to cook healthy and delicious vegetarian meals.   Kids will be making their own lunch each day!   We have a whole team of guest instructors to safely inspire your children in the kitchen.  This camp sells out every year. *$55 extra to cover the costs of extra supplies and a team of instructors.  However,  this is the only camp to include free lunch.


Our most requested camp this summer!  With real life heroes giving the kids hands on instruction, they will learn all bout being a real hero!  Special guests will include firemen, police officers, ambulance EMT’s and even Search and Rescue staff!

Aug 10-15 Young Inventors Camp

Our most requested camp this summer.  Kids will learn from actual inventors how to come up with good ideas and get those ideas to customers.   They will also work on making new inventions that might made a difference in peoples lives.

Aug 17-21 ?? Mystery Camp??

We are still deciding which camp to run on our last week.  Should it be Art Camp, Animal Camp, or Music Camp
*We reserve the right to make adjustments to camp programing and schedules as needed.