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Safety is our new normal

Dear Parents and Guardians, 


As we are now in our new normal of living with COVID, we are still working hard to maximize safety and fun! 


1) We have kids in smaller, age appropriate groups for most of the day. 


2) Maximized outdoor activities in good weather (plan on sunscreen and water bottles).


3) Regular cleaning and sanitizing any common areas - especially ‘”high touch” surfaces. Kids will have hand washing and/or hand sanitizing breaks throughout the day.


4) Personal Protective Equipment –  kids are welcome to bring their own PPE (face mask... to wear when kids are closer to each other).  PPE will not be worn all day such as during sports, similar to school practices. 


We have worked hard for the last three years to maximize safety and fun, and our kids need to have a great summer making new friends.  We hope we can be the right camp to serve your children.

Sincerely: Walter Rogers

                  Camp Director

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